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Miami Beach: Online and fired up

Brad leads the Miami training

Southern Region Digital Director Brad Schenck hosted a digital training yesterday for a packed house of more than fifty people in Miami Beach. Photo courtesy Obama 2012 volunteer @ansmck.

Having organized in Miami during the 2008 campaign and also during the mid-terms with Organizing for America I know a few things about the area. That's why I can say with confidence that Monday's training was something fitting of the “magic city.”

Twenty-five people were there on time—even early. And as the training progressed the number of volunteers continued to grow until the room was overfilled and people were spilling into the hallway.

We worked through basic ideas of organizing and using digital to support and grow the movement. People took notes, offered ideas, and asked engaged questions. Here are a few of the topics we covered:

  • How to use The President's Record on the website to inform friends and other supporters about accomplishments.
  • How to find and organize local events.
  • Becoming a Fan of Obama for America – Florida on Facebook. How supporting the campaign doesn’t mean just clicking Like, but also sharing the info, inviting friends, and joining the conversation.
  • Following @OFA_FL on twitter opens the conversation and spreads valuable messaging.

Seeing more than 50 people ready to use digital to share messaging and organize eleven months before the election is exciting. But, it doesn’t and won’t end there.

We asked those in attendance to join the Florida Digital Team.

This means staying up to date on best practices in digital, being an advocate online and offline—and the best part is that the local campaign team in Florida will host trainings and share the latest online resources to empower people to do that.

It was great being back in Miami and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail in-person and online. Until then you can tweet along with me @BradASchenck.

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