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Making a commitment

Josh Romero, regional field director

Today we remember the sacrifices our veterans have made to bravely serve our country.

One of the veterans we honor is Josh Romero, a regional field director for the campaign in Central Florida.

When I was 17-years old I remember being a little intimated walking into the Marines recruiting office to enlist because they don't sugarcoat the fact that it's a combat service.

More than anything, that reality made a big impact on me during bootcamp. You go from being a teenager thinking about yourself to really quickly knowing you're responsible for other people — and, if you don't do your job the people sitting right next to you could be the ones paying the consequences.

As a veteran I'm trying to stand up for my brothers and sisters who are on active duty in a slightly different way.

When you're enlisted, it's critical you follow the commander in chief no matter who that is and what you might think of their policies. Now that I'm a veteran I want to make sure our active duty brothers and sisters are following a commander in chief who stands up for them.

That's one reason why I'm working as an organizer for the campaign in Florida. I've seen President Obama be someone with a real commitment to our troops and their families, and that's important to me.

My time in the service took me all over the world to 39 different countries and will always be a huge part of my life. This Veterans Day join me in paying tribute to the all men and women who courageously defend our country.

Click here to learn more about the ways President Obama is standing up for those who serve.

You can join Josh Romero on Twitter: @JoshRomero44.

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