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Living the American Dream

My name is Paulo and I'm a Brazilian-born mechanical engineer who recently became a very proud U.S. citizen.

I came to this country to pursue the American dream of starting my own business. I wanted to create something to improve the health and lifestyle of others so I began a bicycle company. Now, 12 years later, we have produced more than 12,000 bicycles and tricycles here in Winter Garden, Florida.

Paulo owns a small business in Winter Garden and supports President Obama

Being a small business owner who believes in bringing manufacturing and jobs back to America, I can only support the candidate who shares my values. That person is Barack Obama.

My company is one example of what is possible when you hire good American people and give them the tools and incentives they need to thrive. Tax cuts from the Affordable Care Act have shrunk our health care spending significantly, allowing me to provide great health care to all my employees.

I truly believe this country is the greatest in the world and under President Obama's leadership it's going to become even better.

The President's Record on Jobs & the Economy

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