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Last day to Early Vote

Early this Saturday morning, Florida State Director Ashley Walker sent this message to supporters:

Don't forget: Today is the last day to vote early in Florida.

By voting early, you'll be helping us build up momentum for November 6th -- and you'll be free on Election Day to help get out the vote for President Obama and other Democrats on the ticket.

It's pretty easy, too. Visit to see where you'll vote.

Thanks to President Obama, hundreds of thousands of Floridians have better access to affordable health care, and tens of thousands are better able to afford higher education. He ended the war in Iraq, and helped women fight back when they don't get equal pay for equal work.

Here in Florida, we can do our part now to set the stage for a win on November 6th, and ensure four more years of progress.

So grab your friends, family, and neighbors, and let's head out to the polls today.

Find Your Early Vote Polling Location

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