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Keeping Our Promise

Veterans and Military Families for Obama, Florida, Leo

As Memorial Day approaches, Leo remembers how important this election is to veterans and their families in Orlando.

"In 2002 I was serving in the Navy and was deployed to the Persian Gulf. Despite enormous sacrifices from our troops and their families, years later the war still wasn't over and folks were asking why we were in Iraq at all.

When then-Senator Obama began his campaign in 2007 he got my attention for being a strong voice to end the war, and end it responsibly.

President Obama knew we needed to focus on Afghanistan and where the enemy actually is--while still keeping his promise to bring our troops home from Iraq.

When President Obama looked into the camera and told the American people that we killed Osama bin Laden then I knew our sacrifices meant something.

Leo has seen extensive efforts made by the Obama administration to ensure that our nation's promise to veterans and their families is kept.

"President Obama, the First Lady, the Vice President, and Dr. Biden's efforts to bring attention to military members and their families is great. They know a pat on the back at the homecoming parade isn't enough.

They're doing everything they can to ease the transition back to civilian life. The tax credit for businesses that hire veterans, wounded or unwounded, is a great thing for those who have served. Things like the G.I. Bill and the Veteran Job Corps help a lot because many times service members spend years away from their families, and it's tough on everyone.

It's important that the President is reelected because we need to make sure we protect the people who protect us.

If you're a veteran or know someone who is, show your support and join Veterans and Military Families for Obama today.

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