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Julia in Real Life

Melissa of Riviera Beach, Florida, Julia in Real Life

Earlier this month we showed how President Obama’s policies benefit women at all stages of life in an infographic we called "The Life of Julia."

Melissa in Riviera Beach wanted us to know that Julia isn't just a cartoon character though. Here is her story.

My name is Melissa and recently I took a look at The Life of Julia.

I had heard Mitt Romney’s comments about how the President had to “come up with a cartoon” to prove his record so I was interested to see it for myself. What I saw was how President Obama’s policies would help one woman over her lifetime, and how Mitt Romney would change her story completely.

Then I realized — I really am Julia.

Raised by a single mother on Medicaid, I know how much a good program can help the working class—because it was financial aid that got me through school.

Now, as a mother and as a woman, I have seen the President’s programs open up new opportunities for me and my daughters.

Through the affordable housing program, I was able to get a lower fixed-rate for my mortgage—I avoided potential foreclosure because of the President.

Thanks to Obamacare I no longer have to pay for preventive medical exams and screenings, and both my daughters are able to stay on my health insurance plan until they are 26-years old.

Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about being able to send them to college anymore, because President Obama boosted Pell Grant funding to help keep school affordable.

I am writing this letter because I would really like for Mitt Romney to know that President Obama actually has a real life Julia.

I am proud to be living the real life story of a successful woman from Anytown, USA, who beat the odds of a life that started from humble beginnings.

In fact, I venture to say there are thousands of us "Julias" of different ethnicities and backgrounds all over the country. Now it’s time for us to stand up for President Obama just like he’s been standing up for us.

If you’re like Melissa—or Julia—join Women for Obama today, and show that you're standing with President Obama this November.

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