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It takes one person

Harriet has always been a supporter of President Obama, and as a Neighborhood Team Leader it's her job to recruit new volunteers and voters.

Recently she registered someone extra special to vote for the very first time—her granddaughter, Jasmine.

Harriet registered her granddaughter Jasmine to vote for the first time.

"I hate to see young people think their vote doesn't matter. I've been voting since I was 20-years old and I can tell you that's just not true.

"Young people need to know that their voice counts and it makes a difference. If thousands of people said it doesn't matter and didn't use their right to vote, it adds up and has an impact. It takes one person to tell another that their voice matters.

"I'm thrilled that my granddaughter Jasmine is ready to vote. She turns 18 this September and now we can both cast our votes to help President Obama get re-elected this November."

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