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“I was a die hard Republican”

Elizabeth has been a registered Republican her whole life, but she's voting for President Obama this November.

"I waited in line for hours to meet Richard Nixon in the '70s. I even found a letter I wrote telling him how much I admire him the other day. I was a die hard Republican."

Elizabeth has been voting and getting involved in politics her entire life—to support Republicans. But after she saw Barack Obama speak at the 2004 DNC she knew it was time for a change, and she hasn't looked back since.

Now at 78-years young Elizabeth is knocking on doors and registering voters in her Deerfield Beach community.

"I wake up every day to work hard and do what I can for the President. Lots of times that means going out with other volunteers in my area to register people to vote. It's important work because if someone isn't registered, then they can't cast a ballot to make sure President Obama is re-elected on November 6th.

"We should all be proud of what President Obama has accomplished—regardless of party. What he's done for health care, women, and seniors makes a big difference to so many people.

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