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“I wanted to do more”

Angel voted for Barack Obama in Florida

Angel didn't wait until Election Day to cast his ballot for President Obama in Jacksonville. How come?

Because he is planning to be busy on November 6 – driving other voters to the polls. Angel has already given rides to twelve of his neighbors to Early Vote, and he's signed up for several shifts on Election Day to make sure that everyone who needs a ride is taken care of.

"I wanted to do more than just vote, and this was such an easy way to do it. So I cast my ballot by Early Voting for the President, and now I have more free hours on Election Day to make sure others' voices are heard too."

This election is coming down to the wire and President Obama is counting on all of us to get out the vote in Florida.

Can you help out? If you've already voted early then sign up for a volunteer shift right now. We need you.

Get Out the Vote in Florida

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