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“I have your back, Mr. President”

Young Americans and college students have a lot at stake this week. Here's the deal: While President Obama is fighting to keep college affordable and accessible, Congress is ready to ask students to pay more for student loans.

If the Senate doesn't act rates on federal student loans will double — from 3.4% to 6.8% — impacting more than 450,000 students in Florida.

Christina a student in Florida supports President Obama

Christina from Hollywood says she is glad the President is standing up for students like her.

Thank you for helping students like me! Keep doing what you're doing!

I have your back, Mr. President. Go Obama 2012!

If you think more than 7 million students shouldn't be asked to pay an average of up $1,000 more for college then show your support.

Add your name: Tell Congress to keep college affordable for students like Christina.

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