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I had no idea

Jessica is a organizing fellow voting for the first time this November for Barack Obama.

Submit your application to be an Obama Organizing Fellow before the Florida deadline this Sunday, August 19.

When I first stepped into my local Obama for America office, I wasn't even aware of the summer fellowship program. I had no idea what campaign volunteering entailed, and I didn't know that it would come to have a lasting impact on my life and place in my heart.

What I was sure of upon my first visit to the office was that I felt a deep connection to President Obama and his policies and beliefs. As a woman, as a Jewish-American, and as a student, I identify with many of the key issues at stake. My background and mindset drove me to get involved in the fight to re-elect our President.

With the start of my fellowship, I immediately knew I was needed to facilitate my community's efforts. The volunteers I met moved me. They worked, and continue to work relentlessly because they sincerely care for our country, for each other, and for the President's progress. The program gave me a chance to experience the dynamic of a movement a million times bigger than myself. At the same time, this is a movement that I made a direct contribution to each day of my summer.

When I first stepped into my local field office, I needed to register to vote. The 2012 election will not only monumental for the rest of the country, but for me as well, because I will be voting for my first time. Each day counting down towards election day is a day any single person can make a difference in the campaign, and, in turn, the lives of others.

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