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I believe in Barack Obama

Brenda, a small business owner in Melbourne, believes in Barack Obama.

Shortly after President Obama was elected, Brenda fulfilled her dream of opening a wine shop in Melbourne. Just three years later, things have come a long way.

"I gained great inspiration from President Obama to take a chance on opening my wine shop, and hope and change have been very good to me.

We just hit the three year mark on my business, and it's paid off! President Obama is making sure that small business owners like myself can succeed. I know the economy needs to continue improving, and he's doing everything he can for small businesses.

Of course I put 150-percent into my store, but, no, I didn't do it all on my own. I couldn't have done it without my customers, my family, my friends, or President Obama.

I remember when I saw Barack Obama speak in 2008 in Kissimmee, I knew then that he would be elected President. I've had his back ever since. I believe in Barack Obama."

Small Business Owners for Obama

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