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Go vote

Earlier today President Obama sent this message to supporters in Florida.

Are you ready to vote?

Early voting kicks off across the state today. I hope you're ready, because I'm counting on you.

Find your early vote location now and go cast your ballot -- and don't forget to bring a friend.

Early voting is going to be the key to winning Florida, just like it was in 2008, when over four million people cast their ballots before Election Day. Those votes are what put us over the top.

On Thursday, I became the first sitting president to vote early during my re-election campaign. I was proud to join the millions of Americans taking advantage of this opportunity.

We're all going to be pretty busy on Election Day, working to get our neighbors to the polls. By voting early, you'll be able to have a bigger impact on whether we get the chance to keep moving this country forward.

Join me and vote early this year. Find your polling place today, and get all your friends to vote early, too.

Find Your Polling Place

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