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For Her Future

This Father's Day promises to be extra special for Allen, a barbershop owner in Miami, who will soon become the proud father of a baby girl.

Allen in Miami supports President Obama

"Now that I'm about to become a father it really puts into focus how important the progress we're making with President Obama is -- not just for me, but for our baby's future.

The President is setting up a secure future for my daughter. For the sake of my child and the future of all of our children, it's important we support President Obama.

At my barbershop, we support everything he does because we know he has our best interests at heart. He's not worried about putting big corporations first, he's standing up for small business owners like me.

President Obama knows in America everyone should have the opportunity to work hard and get ahead. I believe that too, so I'm happy to use my barbershop as a place where we can organize support for the President.

We've put together voter registration drives and phone banks right here. Anything we can do to help, we're more than happy to do so. I stay fired up because even though she hasn't been born yet, I know my daughter is counting on us to pull through for President Obama.

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