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Florida Votes Now

Veronica in Duval County

After watching the debate yesterday, Veronica couldn't wait to vote—so she didn't!

Joined by a group of fellow supporters, this morning she visited the local Supervisor of Elections office in Duval County to Vote Now for President Obama.

"This is personal for me. I have a pre-existing condition and I want to re-elect President Obama to protect affordable care for all. Last night's debate fired me up so I wanted to cast my ballot for Barack Obama as soon as I could!

"Vote Now was the easiest way to vote. I didn't have to wait in long lines or anything like that.

"I went with some of my friends and fellow volunteers and today we voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden and I feel great!

See if you live in a Florida Vote Now county and be one of the first in the country to vote for President Obama.

Learn About Vote Now in Florida

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