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Fired up

Rose, a Neighborhood Team Leader in Florida

There's one thing you should know about Rose: she's fired up.

I have a passion to see the President re-elected!

Recently Rose put that enthusiasm to work by becoming a neighborhood team leader in her Southwest Ranches area. Her team has already grown to include 12-people! Some she knew from volunteering back in 2008, some were invited by mutual friends, and others heard about it from word-of-mouth.

She says her team stays focused because they know every phone call and door knocked really adds up.

I canvassed in 2008 because it was the right thing to do. Every door we knocked on seemed so minuscule but then on Election Day we saw how big it actually was because people were doing that in every neighborhood, in every city.

Grassroots leaders like Rose are leading the way forward because we don't have time to wait—we need to build our grassroots network of Florida supporters today.

If you're IN for President Obama then you should get started with the volunteer neighborhood team in your area.

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