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Dina hosts a house party

Dina hosted a house party in Boca Raton, Florida, for the 2012 launch of Women for Obama in November. She was inspired to become more politically involved in 2008, and in this video she shares why she had to get involved in the campaign again.

Dina invited 50 women to her home, because she wanted to help mobilize the women in her community to reach out to their own networks and do whatever they can to support Obama 2012.

As Dina said:

“We women are going to have to be the ones to lead the charge for everything in our families and what's really important…. Many of the people just decided that they had to get up, and they had to do something. One of the biggest lessons they learned when they come to attend a house party is that there’s people like them.”

There are so many women across the country working to re-elect the President, and meeting friends and neighbors in the process. Get involved with the campaign’s work for women, contribute your ideas, and help tell the story of how women are shaping this movement.

Watch the video, and sign up to host or attend a house party in your own neighborhood.

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