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Choosing their future

Nicole is voting for the first time this November for Barack Obama.

From now until the election, we'll share stories from voters across Florida. Nicole is a first time voter in West Broward and this is her story.

Q1: When was the first time you voted?

In 2008, I was only 16 and wasn't very politically aware. It took me until college and taking a few classes to realize the decisions that are made on my behalf, and why they're so important. I got involved with Students for Obama meetings on campus, and when I came home this summer I started volunteering at the West Broward office. I'll be voting for the first time this November and I can't wait!

Q2: What matters to you in this election?

I'm a woman, I'm a student, and I'm part of the LGBT community—there's too much to lose by not voting. The President has stood up for women time and time again, repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell, and doubled the funding of Pell Grants. All of those things are important to me, and that's why I'm casting my ballot for Obama-Biden this November.

Q3: Why should Young Americans vote this November?

I know people who are my age who feel like they don't need to vote because they don't think their voice matters. I tell them if they don't step up and fight for what you think is right, then you'll watch your future slip away and see decisions made for you that you don't agree with. I can't imagine having a choice—having a vote—that will determine our future and not taking advantage of it.

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