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Camille: “President Obama gave me hope”

Camille a military wife from Florida, Veterans for Obama

Today the campaign officially launched Veterans and Military Families for Obama. Being a military spouse and seeing the progress President Obama has led is just one reason why Camille is fired up.

"My name is Camille and I am the proud military spouse of an active duty airman serving in the Air Force.

"I am in for 2012 because President Obama gave me hope in a time when I thought I had none. With the thousands of jobs created under President Obama, combined with the First Lady's initiative to empower military families, I was able to get a job after years of unemployment.

"I'm in because I believe in the American Dream and equal opportunity for all. I want my children to grow up in a world where they can think and be truly free, just how the military fights for us to be.

"I'm in because the President made it possible for me to become a first generation college graduate. I truly believe in the progress that President Obama has brought to this great nation--and that's why I am in for 2012.

—Camille, Gibsonton

Join supporters like Camille and help kick off Veterans and Military Families for Obama by joining today.

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