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Madaleine is voting early for President Obama

This morning Madaleine joined thousands of Floridians in Delray Beach who packed the house to see President Obama. She felt compelled to come out and show her support because President Obama is standing up for people like her.

Thanks to Obamacare, Madaleine knows if her breast cancer were ever to come back again, she can't be denied the care she needs due to having a pre-existing condition. That's just one reason why she will be heading to the polls when Early Voting starts later this week.

She won't be going by herself though. Madaleine is going to bring along her 87-year old father, a World War II veteran, so he can make his voice heard too. Because this election is coming down to the wire it's important that all of President Obama's supporters turn out and vote.

Early voting is a great way to cast your ballot before Election Day on November 6th. Take a minute today and make a plan to vote so you're ready to cast your ballot for President Obama.

Make a Plan to Vote

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