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Backstage with Marc Anthony

Paula and Malbin have big smiles for a good reason. As the winners of our Backstage with Marc contest they had the once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Marc Anthony after his special concert for President Obama last night in Miami.

Malbin and Paula backstage with Marc Anthony

A student at Florida Atlantic University, Paula is doing her part this summer by being an organizing fellow.

"I'm really grateful to have a President like Barack Obama. I'm fired up to help this time around and put in all the time I can to help him get re-elected. My parents are from the Dominican Republic and we know that President Obama strongly supports our Hispanic community.

Malbin is also active at his local campaign office in Weston. A father of two children, he knows a vote for Barack Obama is a vote for a brighter future for his children.

"I support Barack Obama's vision for America. I trust his decisions. He needs all the support and help he can get and I will do everything I can to get him re-elected. One of my children is going to college this fall and the other will be in a year, a second term for Obama is the best choice when it comes to their educations.

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