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An Image of Hope

The first word people associate with Jai is “artist”. A fired up supporter of the President, Jai channeled his talent and passion into something that could be shared with everyone in his community.

Jai painted the mural in the Pembroke Pines office to serve as a reminder to our grassroots volunteers that the President is counting on them.

The hands placed together serve as a symbol of the President's meditative nature. It’s meant to serve as a reminder to our volunteers that the President is always thinking about helping everyone from the young, the old, our veterans. President Obama is fighting for us and he can’t do it without you. It’s an image of hope.

If there’s any way I can help the President get re-elected, I will do so; whether it’s through getting involved in phone banks or canvassing or using my artistic abilities to promote his re-election, I'm going to do it.

Take Jai's lead and help inspire others to get involved in our movement today.

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