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An empowering experience

Camille South Florida voter registration

For Camille in South Florida, the excitement she felt voting for the first time hasn't faded one bit.

The first time I actually got to vote was in 2008—for Barack Obama, of course. It was empowering and I was hooked, and from that experience I knew that I wanted other people getting involved too.

Growing up my parents were always politically active. My dad would bring me into the voting booth with him as a child and I loved it.

Now a field organizer for President Obama's campaign, Camille says it's inspiring to see high school students and other first time voters getting involved just like she did.

Recently, we helped more than 40 high school students get registered to vote at a single event. Young Americans should be a huge voting block and I think when we share the President's message with them it really resonates because they know what happens in November will have a huge impact on their future.

Camille is building our movement by giving other Young Americans a voice in this election. Join her and get involved where you live today.

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