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Amplify your voice

Susan committed to vote and then followed through with her commitment by Voting Early.

Early Saturday morning hundreds of people gathered outside the Supervisor of Elections office in Gainesville to be some of the first people to Early Vote in Florida.

Susan was at the front of the line. A few weeks back she signed her "commit to vote" card, and yesterday she saw it through.

"I'm here to cast my ballot early! I committed to vote and I'm here to fulfill my commitment. I've been waiting and waiting and it's finally here."

"I'm voting now because I want to use the next 10 days to help get out the vote. In fact, right after this I'm going to volunteer and help get other people to the polls today."

"I don't want everyone to wait until Election Day. There's an entire week of Early Voting, so there's no excuse not to get out here. What if something happens on Election Day and you can't make it to the polls? That's your last and final chance, you don't need to risk it.

"Since I voted early, now I can spend Election Day driving people to the polls, making sure every last voter has been heard."

Susan made her voice heard and now she's amplifying it by enabling others to have their voices heard. Follow her example and sign up to volunteer in the final stretch today.

Volunteer in Florida

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