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Aaron: “President Obama's health care plan saved my life”

“In 2008, I had worked full time for over 30 years. That’s when I was laid off and lost my health insurance.

“At first, when I started getting a limp, I didn’t think it was too serious. But after visiting two doctors (and having to pay in cash), I learned that I had a serious condition that required expensive surgery. Neither would treat me without proof of insurance. I thought I was a dead man. I really thought I had no chance at all.

“Then I heard that I was eligible for the Affordable Care Act’s Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. Thanks to the PCIP, I had a successful spinal fusion surgery last week and I’m starting to see my life get better. Now, I’ve got a chance in life. I'm a 61-year-old man with two kids. Without this surgery, I don’t know what would have happened to me. President Obama's health care plan saved my life.”

—Aaron, Florida

What does Obamacare mean to you?

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