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A Wall of Support in Tallahassee

“It all started in 2008,” Brenda says of the enormous collection of President Obama keepsakes on display in her Tallahassee beauty shop.

My employees and I saw him speak at the convention and thought ‘this man has presidential qualities.’ When he announced his candidacy for 2008, we got behind him right away.

Brenda a support of President Obama in Tallahassee

What started with a simple Obama 2008 placard soon became a collaborative effort with friends and customers in her beauty shop bringing in all sorts of posters, photos, magazine covers, newspaper articles and more.

Now that it's 2012 Brenda says her Obama wall is growing again.

We’re 100% behind the President, he’s the President for our time, it’s meant to be. We’ll get him there again. Anything we can do, we’ll do it.

Brenda's not just collecting photos to support President Obama—she's taking action. Last weekend she hosted a phone bank to reach out and get other supporters involved near her.

If you’re fired up like Brenda, now is the time to get started on a volunteer team in your area.

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