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A Real Plan

Dr. Benjamin, a lifelong Republican, knows that President Obama is fighting for patients firsthand.

Dr. Benjamin has always registered to vote as a Republican, but that didn't stop him from casting a ballot for Barack Obama in 2008.

Dr. Benjamin understands the importance of Obamacare better than almost anymore: he's not only a medical professional, he's twenty years post-chemo himself.

"The pre-existing conditions clause is so important and a lot of Republican politicians don't understand how many people it helps.

"When I was going through chemotherapy treatments my premium would get more and more expensive every month. Luckily I could afford it but at one point I just stopped and thought to myself: this isn't okay—not everyone has the ability to pay this.

"The reason why I'm going to vote for Barack Obama again is not just because of what the ACA does for pre-existing conditions, but also for what it does to strengthen Medicare.

"As a doctor, I know that turning Medicare into a voucher system like Paul Ryan plans to do is just flat out economically unrealistic for seniors—they can't afford it.

"Mitt Romney has not been clear on any issues, whether it's what he plans to do once he repeals Obamacare, how he plans to balance the budget, or what his stance on women is. I'm voting for Barack Obama because he has a real plan.

Protecting Medicare

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