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A Pair of Educators for Obama

Alejandro and Cait are Educators for Obama

Education is a way of life for Alejandro and Cait in Florida.

An elementary school teacher and a college professor, they were excited by what they heard at a recent campaign event with President Obama in Kissimmee.

What we heard in Kissimmee made it apparent that our President values the role that educators play.

Being educators ourselves, it makes us feel like the hours of work we put in each week are appreciated and respected.

Alejandro and I strongly believe that President Obama is on the right track in terms of education, and he knows that starts with early childhood. Teaching in a school in a tougher neighborhood, I see every day the challenges that too many of my students need to overcome before they even get to school.

I know how hard my students work to overcome these obstacles, so it's great to see President Obama taking action to help close the achievement gap. He believes if someone works hard they should have a chance to succeed, and that's exactly what I want for all of my students.

The President's Record on Education

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