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A New Era on the Space Coast

This week's launch from Cape Canaveral
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President Obama has a forward-looking plan for sustainable space exploration and innovation—and it's already putting more Floridians back to work.

This week marked a new era on the Space Coast when the first private-sector supply ship launched from Cape Canaveral to dock with the International Space Station. Editorials in local newspapers discuss its significance:

A successful SpaceX mission will move NASA closer to realizing President Barack Obama's visionary goal: privatizing the job of ferrying cargo, and eventually crews, to the station. The pursuit of that goal is already spurring the growth of the commercial space industry, an up-and-coming sector in Florida's economy.

The Orlando Sentinel

With more experience in space, private companies such as SpaceX can one day carry out private missions -- such as "space tourism," or mining for gold and platinum on asteroids. The payoff could be so large that some speculate that the world's first trillionaires and first trillion-dollar companies will be created for space exploration and mining.

Much of that wealth and technology could be based in Brevard and Volusia counties, where NASA has so much infrastructure and human capital.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal

And the Orlando Sentinel printed the following from former Astronaut Mark Kelly:

I'm impressed by how far SpaceX has come in the past 17 months. And it's a bargain: The dramatic cost savings of commercial spaceflight — savings we need to reduce the deficit and grow our economy — let us expand the frontiers of space and stay at the forefront of technological innovation. The president made a tough, bold decision — and I now believe he was right.

It's part of a series of tough decisions he has made to stand by NASA and especially Florida's Space Coast.

The Orlando Sentinel

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