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A Future for our Grandchildren

Barbara supports President Obama in West Palm Beach

Barbara is a Neighborhood Team Leader in West Palm Beach and knows exactly what's on the line this November for Seniors.

As a Medicare beneficiary, she would be forced to pay up to $600 extra if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan had their way and turned Medicare into a voucher program.

"I believe in Medicare and what the President has done for it.

I think seniors need to be informed on what could happen if Medicare were turned into a voucher program.

For me it means that I wouldn't have the health care that I need. I have a medical condition that requires frequent checkups and I know that just wouldn't be possible if the Affordable Care Act were repealed like Mitt Romney plans to do.

In my community I've talked to lots of people who are worried if Medicare is turned into a voucher program then there won't be anything left for their grandchildren.

Do you know what I tell them? You don't need to worry because President Obama is doing everything he can to secure a future for us and for our grandchildren.

Protecting Medicare

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