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400 Voters

Fred, Tampa, Voter Registration, 400, volunteer

At 75-years young, nothing is stopping Fred from reaching his goal to register 400 voters.

"My goal in Tampa is to register 400 people. I’ve already done more than 225 and I'm just getting started.

We have to concentrate locally to win nationally. Neighborhood to neighborhood, city to city, state to state. I’ve been out there registering folks whenever I can because I have the time do it now.

From experiencing it firsthand during the Civil Rights era, Fred knows how important voting is to our country.

"This isn’t something new for me. When I was in college in the '60s during the Civil Rights movement, I was working at that time for voting rights. The right to vote is our most powerful weapon that we have in our democracy. No amount of money that these Super PACs spend can destroy that if everyone would get out and cast their vote. That’s what motivates me.

Fred is challenging his fellow volunteers to think outside the box in order to register as many people as they can.

"Don't feel discouraged if you can't register someone on the first try, just keep going. I try to get as many people as I registered as I can and if I keep at it I know I'll hit my goal to register 400 people!

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