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17 Campaign Highlights from Florida

Floridians have been building the 2012 campaign at a blistering pace since it officially launched in a special web video to supporters last spring.

Before the calendar flips over we're taking a moment to reflect on the year's campaign highlights in Florida. We know compiling a comprehensive list would be nearly impossible so we're asking for your help.

Please share any Florida campaign milestones we might have missed by leaving a comment below!

  1. Sarasota got things started with our first Florida grassroots planning session.

  2. This summer national field director Jeremy Bird paid a surprise visit to Team Pinellas, while Orlando supporters shared ideas about building to 2012 with campaign manager Jim Messina.

  3. Accio clipboard! OFA-Florida supporters found out who's IN at the opening of the final Harry Potter movie.

  4. Florida volunteers did it big this summer with a statewide day of action.

  5. In Palm Beach, Howard explained how a Reagan Republican became an Obama volunteer.

  6. President Obama's 50th birthday was August 4, and supporters across Florida gathered for parties to celebrate.

  7. Meri shared her tips from Tallahassee before going on to win the national grassroots fundraising challenge.

  8. DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz joined students in Gainesville to find out who's IN for 2012.

  9. With Don't Ask Don't Tell officially repealed in September, a 23-year Navy veteran from St. Petersburg shared her powerful story.

  10. October started with an overflow crowd of volunteer leaders traveling to Tampa for a great neighborhood teams conference.

  11. In North Florida a volunteer shared why faith outreach is gaining momentum in his community.

  12. Florida hosted a series of special guests this fall, including:

  13. One year out from Election Day we had our biggest weekend yet with more than 60 events and thousands of I'm IN conversations.

  14. Michelle, an OFA-Florida volunteer, shared a feel-good story about registering a 98-year old in her community to vote.

  15. Floridians talked about why President Obama's promise kept to end the war in Iraq matters to them.

  16. Miami Beach supporters packed the house to learn about ways to build the campaign online.

  17. Earlier this month Florida's first ever Women for Obama trainings were held in Tallahassee, Delray Beach, and Clearwater.

Don't forget that right now you can be a part of getting 2012 off to a strong start.

Take a moment and commit to join fellow supporters who are volunteering and building the campaign in your community.

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