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Five years ago

"I remember watching Barack Obama on my computer with my kids around me as he announced his candidacy. The tears flooded my face and I couldn’t even figure out why. I just knew this was something huge!

"Two weeks later, Senator Obama was coming to Selma for the Annual Bridge Crossing Jubilee, and my dad convinced me to go. We were not political—we had never been involved. In fact, we were both Republicans at the time, but it just seemed like something we had to do. We showed up in Selma to find the breakfast had been sold out, but my dad always has a way of working things out. Watching Barack Obama speak to this small group of young and old, I could see how people reacted to him. I could see how I reacted to him—he made me cry. After Selma, it was on!"

Leanne, Alabama State Director

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