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Five more people who can help get immigration reform done right now

The reality is that comprehensive immigration reform could pass today if House leaders just held a vote. So today, OFA is adding five more members of Congress to the list of representatives who should be leading on immigration reform.

David Valadao (CA-21):
Last month, Rep. Valadao stepped up and did the right thing, becoming the third House Republican to sign on to the House immigration reform plan. That's huge—now, we just need him to put pressure on House leadership to hold a vote.

Jeff Denham (CA-10): Rep. Denham represents a district that voted for President Obama's agenda in 2012 -- and he's recently signed on to the House immigration reform plan, too. If he keeps listening to his constituents, we can pass this bill now.

Michael Conaway (TX-11):

Texas' 11th district has a large Latino population who are counting on Rep. Conaway to support the fight for comprehensive immigration reform. This is a classic case of needing a leader to stand up for the people he represents in Washington.

Pete Olson (TX-22):

Same goes for Rep. Olson—he represents a strong and growing Latino population in favor of reform, which means he's in a fantastic position to lead on this issue.

Peter King (NY-2):
This is Rep. King's eleventh term in the House of Representatives. He, along with most of his district, has come out in favor of immigration reform—now, he needs to use his seniority to convince House leaders do the right thing.

When you add these to the initial list of House leadership, as well as the lawmakers we named last week, that makes 15 representatives we believe have the opportunity to lead on this issue.

Join the fight, and make sure these key legislators pass comprehensive immigration reform now.

Join the fight
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