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First-Time Volunteers Fill GOTV Phone Banks


Want proof that it’s not too late to join this grassroots campaign and volunteer for President Obama? This past weekend, California’s Get Out The Vote phone bank events were packed with first-time volunteers.

These new members of our ever-expanding team just couldn’t sit at home any longer, so they got up, got out and started making calls. Here’s what they had to say about the forces that motivated them to take action.

“I feel that just like voting, working for a campaign, volunteering, coming out and supporting the policies of who you believe in, is our civic duty.” -Marisa

“I know I live in California and we’re not a swing state, but anything I can do to bring out our supporters in those swing states, I’ll do.” -Rob

“I’m still in high school and I can’t vote yet, but I really believe in President Obama so I want to make sure other people know that Obama’s the right way to go for this country. Since I can’t get my vote out in this election, I want to make sure other people can vote for the values I support.” -Samantha

“I just can’t let all of the work President Obama and his administration put into the last four years, making health care accessible and bringing social justice and social equity, I just can’t let it go to waste. So I have a big stake in this election and I’m trying to do everything I can.” -Janani

“A lot of people say we’re at a crossroads, and I really hope the president gets re-elected, because I feel like the Romney camp will take us down a road that’s going to be really negative, so I’m volunteering.” -Joseph

“I feel very strongly about the health care reform law. I’ve personally benefitted from it. My daughter is 24, she is now on my health care plan until she’s 26. She has a pre-existing condition, which she won’t be able to be denied for. My mother is a senior citizen and she is paying less for her prescriptions due to this law. And of course there are 30 million Americans who will be able to purchase health insurance and I want to make sure that that happens.” -Judy

“I just knew that if I didn’t do anything and Romney won, I would be kicking myself pretty hard.” -Stephanie

With less than one week to go before Election Day, volunteers are stepping up for the first time every day. Join them and help California re-elect President Obama by signing up for a GOTV phone bank now.

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