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Granite Staters respond to the First Lady's Convention speech

Michelle Obama at The DNC Convention—Charlotte September 4th

Watching the First Lady last night was a pretty moving experience for (dare we say?) everyone. This morning, there were even folks here in the Granite State as well as in the national media referring to it as one of the best convention speeches of all time. And while we can't speak for every speech given at every party convention ever, we can definitely attest to the sense of pride we're feeling for the First Lady here in New Hampshire.

Judy, a Neighborhood Team Leader in Mascoma Valley attended a Women for Obama watch party last night, and had this to say about the speech:

“The First Lady’s speech was truly inspirational, you could see that others felt it too from the reaction of people in the crowd and you could certainly see it on the faces of the women who attended the house party last night. She spoke from the heart when she spoke about all the things that mattered to her and unlike speeches given at the RNC, she spoke the truth. The President is with us, we know that he has our best interests at heart and with Michelle Obama continuing to champion women’s issues we know that this is the only way we can move forward."

While most of us saw the speech on TV or through the live stream, a lucky handful of Granite Staters witnessed it first-hand. Emily Gold from New Hampshire is attending the Convention and is a regular OFA-NH volunteer and was in the convention hall last night. We asked her what is was like, and this is what she told us:

“Michelle Obama’s speech was the highlight of my day yesterday, and could possibly be the highlight of the entire convention for me. It was so clear to everyone that she meant every word she spoke, speaking from the heart about the President, her family and the strides we have all made together under President Obama.”

Let’s admit it, we all got goose bumps listening to the First Lady, there may well have been a couple of tears too. Being there on the convention floor must have been even more profound:

“The atmosphere from the crowd was electric. We were all pretty pumped from an already fantastic day of speeches, but this really was the icing on the cake. There wasn’t a single person in the room who wasn’t completely transfixed by what the First Lady had to say. I could feel the energy surging through the crowd and we are now so fired up for the last 61 days. I’m ready to get back to New Hampshire and finish off what we’ve started.”

If you also liked what you heard and are ready to fight the last 61 days with us, say you’re in today.

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