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Fired Up on the Fourth

How did New Yorkers celebrate America’s 235th birthday? Fired up or with fireworks? Both, reported summer organizer Jamie C. who organized a community voter registration drive in Brooklyn on Monday.


Despite the heat, over 20 volunteers came together at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Monday. They spent the day offering to register new voters. New Yorkers at the Park were not only receptive to the volunteers’ efforts, but they were excited to see the activism within their community already—a testament that the enthusiasm of our volunteers was contagious.

“Keep up the good work!” and “Thank you for what you are doing.” It was this simple acknowledgement by people walking past that kept volunteers encouraged throughout the day. Jamie C. believes that it was this support from the community that showed volunteers the value of their efforts.

“I consider it a success because when we get down to it, yesterday was about giving people the opportunity to exercise their rights, and I think that is a beautiful thing.” –Jamie C.

Fireworks on the Hudson may be exciting; backyard cookouts relaxing. Our volunteers chose to express their patriotism and commemorate the holiday by encouraging others within their community to become active in the political process by voting and/or volunteering. Patriotism, though, is not limited to Independence Day—you can channel your pride by getting involved in your community. We need dedicated people like you to share their ideas, find supporters in their community, register voters and hit the ground running for 2012—contact [email protected] to get started.

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