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Fired Up in Bossier

Team "Fired Up in Bossier" is building momentum.Take a look how we are building our team IMG_0948 VOER REG Shreveport Day of Action @County Market (Del)

Larry, Josie, and I enjoyed knocking on doors in the Jack’s Quarters. Larry and Josie proved to be really experienced in making the hard ask at the doors and getting positive results.

Our Team is phonebanking on regular bases in the homes of volunteer leaders. Initially we had about 4 varied attendees. We now have 6 regular dedicated callers. Thanks to Buddy and Florence for being great phonebank hosts.

We have been very successful with our calls in the sense that many conversations are resulting in definitely “I’m In” and we are scheduling 1:1s.

Our team members enjoy having conversations with their neighbors and tabling offer a great opportunity for them to do just that. We have been tabling regularly at one of the local County Markets because it is a high traffic area especially on weekends in the early morning. We are taking full advantage to recruit volunteers to join our team.

Recently, one of our volunteers, Carlette, dropped off nearly 50 voter registration completed forms she collected from a local high school senior class. This offered a great opportunity for voter registration data entry training.

Our team has a great working relationship with neighboring teams in the area. We enjoy our relationship with members of Shreveport Team "Absolute Blue" and we often times attend each other's events.

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