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Fired up for Joe

In field offices across the region, people gathered to pick up their tickets for Joe Biden and talk about their support for the President and Vice President.

Jenny, who just moved to the city of Detroit from Champaign, IL, sees the Vice President's visit as an exciting way to get fired up for volunteering this fall.

"We've come too far to go backwards. That's why the message of this movement - and my sign - is all about continuing to move America forward."

Diane stands with the Vice President and the President because of their commitment to educators.

“Joe Biden and Barack Obama stand with teachers, so I’m standing with them. I'm thrilled to see the Vice President speak in person.”

There's still time to get a ticket for tomorrow's event - sign up for all the details on where to pick up yours through 8pm tonight.

Get your ticket to see Joe in Detroit
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