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Fired Up And Ready To Go!

We kicked off our Summer Organizing training last weekend with an inspiring message: “Win the Future.” The two-day training program was held at the local Democratic headquarters in New Castle, Delaware. Sixteen energetic summer organizers from several States began to acquire the skills to be next generation of amazing community organizers. The diversity of this class is remarkable, ranging from a high school junior, to real estate agents, to a loving grandmother. The State Director, Mike D'Armi and several volunteer leaders led the event.

One of the first lessons learned was how to share our personal stories to connect on a deep level with voters and volunteers. In the Presidential Accomplishments edition of Jeopardy two teams engaged in a highly competitive game coming down to the last question. Each team was eager to display their knowledge of the President’s accomplishments and looks forward to communicating them to others.

Community Organizers leading sessions shared their invaluable experience with us that will help us build for our first Day of Action on June 18th. We quickly got acquainted with phonebanking by making several calls ourselves. Some of us were apprehensive at first but each call made us better phonebankers. Many of us set up one-on-ones and are in the process of building great teams. We also learned that data is important to the work we do and we instantly began taking personal pride in our daily and weekly goals. We full heartily embraced digital strategies and began tweeting about our wonderful experience, understanding the significance of the usefulness of this outlet.

Our Summer Organizing team has bonded so well that we are already beginning to resemble a family. We are having a tremendous amount of fun, but are well aware of what is at stake in 2012. We demand nothing short of excellence in everything we do!

We look forward to working with you this summer! Follow us @OFA_DE on Twitter for updates throughout the program.

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