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Finding My Voice, Shaping A Movement

Ryan E.

Ryan E. is a Phone Bank Coordinator at our San Francisco office and has volunteered every day since the office opened in September. Ryan trains new phone bankers and leads phone banks, but he didn’t start out that way. His work as a volunteer has evolved with the campaign, and along with it, a journey of self-discovery.

“Four years ago, Barack Obama was the first President that I voted for. Before then, I wasn’t a believer in the power of voting. But in 2008, I really began to see the power of people’s voices. President Obama won in 2008 because his campaign was a movement. It made me realize that voting is really a way to make your voice heard.”

Ryan has been a dedicated volunteer since day one at the San Francisco office. On top of working full time, he volunteers for the campaign seven days a week. What initially started as a casual drop in to phone bank, transformed into him leading an entire office. Ryan now trains new volunteers, organizes phone banks, and he leads the office’s weekend GOTV phone banks. After an entire weekend leading a packed office full of volunteers, he was more inspired than ever.

“You get people in here who are so motivated. The feeling in here was so lively, everyone wanted to join in and start making phone calls. A couple of high school kids came in who can’t vote, but they asked how they could help the President. I trained them on phone banking. At first, they looked lost because it can seem overwhelming, but they ended up staying for five hours! As they left, they told us that they are going to bring their friends next week.”

Ryan never imagined his journey with the campaign would take him this far. Today, he focuses on inspiring others to get involved and encouraging fellow volunteers.

“Get involved and you can see how much your voice and your work ripple throughout the community. I started out here as someone who came just to make phone calls. Then I became a leader to help other volunteers get involved and it has been incredible. We all have skills we can use to make a contribution.”

There are only 12 days left until the election. Join Ryan in these finals days to find out how you can be a part of re-electing President Obama.

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