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Fighting the misinformation on Obamacare, one letter at a time

From fighting local fear-mongering to talking about the law's wide-ranging economic and health benefits, papers from coast to coast are getting letters from Americans fighting for the Affordable Care Act. People are doing what they can to drive home the truth about how the law is improving lives every day.

Let's get us covered
"When everyone is covered by health insurance, the human and monetary costs can be drastically reduced. In the spirit of a caring community, all of us should encourage anyone we know who is uninsured to register for health care coverage." —Carol E. McCann, Naples Daily News. Naples, Florida.

Mary Sullivan: Obamacare easy to enroll
"I signed up recently on the health care website in less than 30 minutes. The application was easy to follow, and I had several choices of plans. Most important, because I qualified for a subsidy, the plan fits into my fixed senior citizen budget." —Mary Sullivan, The News & Observer. Pittsboro, North Carolina.

Negron: Congressman Fleming needs to get his facts straight

"He actually claimed that hospitals might 'try to decide to put you someplace other than the hospital, just for their own survival.' Sounds scary, right? Fortunately, it’s a complete figment of Fleming’s imagination." —Gerardo Negron, Shreveport Times. Shreveport, Louisiana.

Americans are speaking up, speaking out against the misinformation. You can do the same. Join this fight.

Join Team Obamacare
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