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Fighting for better health care coverage

To look at Kathy today, you’d never guess she was diagnosed with lymphoma 15 years ago. She’s a vibrant, active woman who co-owns a casting company in Farmington Hills.

But her journey to health was not an easy one.

When Kathy was diagnosed, she had to find insurance on her own. Only one company would cover her because of her pre-existing condition— at a cost of $1,100 a month, which didn’t include prescription drug coverage, clinic visits or doctor’s appointments.

“There were many times I couldn’t afford my prescriptions, one of which cost $488. For months, I was getting bills for hundreds of dollars at a time on top of my insurance.”

The lack of prescription coverage made her chemotherapy much more difficult than it had to be. She had to drive to the hospital to get an injection she could have given herself at home if she’d had prescription coverage.

Still, Kathy persevered — knocking on doors to help get President Obama elected in 2008 even though she was bald from the chemo.

Today, Kathy is doing well and sees her doctors on a regular basis on a better health care plan, something she couldn’t afford before. She’s volunteering for the President’s re-election and grateful for the strides he’s made in support of women and the Affordable Care Act.

“As a woman, I can’t believe any woman would vote for anyone but President Obama. He’s standing up for our rights in every aspect of our lives.”

Kathy is one of the women who will share her story at the Michigan Women’s Summit on August 12. Find out more and RSVP today.

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