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Field Update—December 13th, 2011

Pat from California was nervous about being a first-time volunteer for the campaign and picking up the phone to call people she didn’t know. But a roomful of fellow volunteers at work was all she needed to see.

“I observed the veteran callers and marveled at their ease and patience on the phone, and their conviction to re-elect President Obama. I eavesdropped on their conversations and imagined the people at the other end of the line. I imagined the ones who said they were in. I imagined the ones who agreed to attend a caucus. I imagined the ones that volunteered to work for the campaign. I wondered which of President Obama’s [reforms] had touched them and their families.”

After testing the waters, Pat is in for 2012. Read the rest of her story on the California state blog and follow @OFA_CA on Twitter for all the latest news from the Golden State.

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