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Meet Shivani, OFA organizing fellow in Northern Virginia

Shivani S. is an OFA organizing fellow and a high school senior. She’s in the top third of her class, taking seven AP classes and studying Mandarin Chinese. She already speaks six languages, but according to her, "three of them don’t count because I speak them at home." When she’s not studying, she’s busy taking action in her community—and a lot of it. You can catch Shivani teaching folks about the Affordable Care Act, designing presentations, and making a lot of phone calls. In one week alone, she made more than 280 calls—more than any other OFA volunteer that week.

Last week, Shivani put aside the books and the phone to answer a few questions.

Q: What have you learned as an OFA fellow?

Shivani: I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with people and how to convey information, to be tough-skinned, and to be efficient. I constantly try to make at least 100 phone calls a week, reaching out to people in the community and other volunteers, and I try to be efficient and make an impact when I’m doing that.

Q: What issues are you passionate about?

Shivani: For me, equal pay is a very big thing. A woman can do a job just as well if not better than a man, and we should be paid to reflect that. I also care a lot about the Affordable Care Act. No one should go broke if they get injured. The fact that uninsured people might have to use the Emergency Room for a doctor—I think that’s absolutely ridiculous.

Marriage equality is also very important to me. I see it as a civil rights issue. I know that a certificate on paper isn’t going to solve all the problems with discrimination, but I think that it’s a really good first step, and once we take it, the ball starts rolling.

Q: What are you doing next year and beyond?

Shivani: Right now, I’m waiting for college acceptances. Long-term, though, my goal is to have an impact on the lives of others around me, through politics or a life of volunteering. Every one has a duty to give back, and the people at OFA are doing that through giving their time.

What do you think of your time with OFA?

Shivani: What we’re doing right now is making history. I love being part of the history that is happening. The work we’re doing at OFA is benefiting the American people. We are incontrovertibly affecting people’s lives. That's huge for me.

Shivani is one of thousands of people making a difference by turning their passion into action. Be a part of the movement—make a donation and invest in this work.
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