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Interview: Meet OFA Fellow Sara M. in Tennessee

Sara M. is a Middle Tennessee State University student and OFA organizing fellow with a flair for writing. When she’s not working on her personal writing projects, Sara can be found putting her communication skills to work organizing her adopted town of Murfreesboro to take action on issues like women's rights and health reform. Recently she took some time out from organizing for a quick interview.

Q: What motivated you to join OFA as a spring organizing fellow?
Sara: I was motivated to join OFA as a fellow because I wanted to not only have my voice heard, but also to help empower others to share their voices as well. Now I'm a part of something much bigger than myself, and I can reach out to more people.

Q: What issue do you most care about?

Sara: I care strongly about all of the issues that OFA focuses on, but if I had to pick one it would be equality for women. I am a strong supporter of women's rights. As a young woman, I deserve to have not only the power to make decisions for myself and my well being, but I should also know that I will be treated fairly in the work place. However, there are many glass ceilings left to shatter. No one should have to defer their dreams because of their gender.I will fight for equality until the end of my days, or until there are no more barriers placed before women.

Q: What's a typical day like for you?

Sara: A typical day for me begins with my college classes and ends with my OFA fellowship. I recently graduated from high school in December, so adjusting to college life has been stressful but rewarding. My free time is spent blogging, working on my personal writing projects, or just relaxing with my mom, who is also my best friend.

Q: What are you working on right now?

Currently I am working on the Stand with Women initiative and the push for Medicaid expansion in Tennessee.

For Stand with Women, I am working on building a strong team in Murfreesboro. So far, through my organizing, I have developed a great connection with a few team leaders of the local Planned Parenthood who have been amazing speakers at our last two events. The people I have met through my work on women's issues have really inspired me. The stories that I have heard have greatly motivated me to continue advocating for social change regarding women’s rights. On Medicaid, I am organizing the community to push for Medicaid expansion, which includes organizing letters-to-the-editor events, asking Tennesseans to call their representatives, and recruiting volunteers to attend phone banks, too.

It’s been an empowering experience.

Q: After you graduate from college, what do you want to do?

Sara: While I would absolutely love to do anything involving my passions of songwriting, singing, playing guitar, or writing literature, what I most hope to accomplish in my life is helping to create a better world than the world I grew up in. Whether I accomplish this by holding a political office or having my work published to a large audience, I will be happy knowing that I am working towards my dream of a brighter future for the generations to come.

Sara is one of thousands of people making a difference by turning their passion into action. Be a part of the movement—make a donation and invest in this work.

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