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Favorite campaign moments

Supporters all over the country are sending in favorite moments from the 2012 campaign. Check out these stories, then add yours:


“My favorite campaign moments: Traveling to Florida from California to get out the vote. Meeting supporters from Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and Louisiana in the Gainesville OFA office. It was so inspiring, and we did it—we won Florida!”
—Catherine, California

“I called a woman in Wisconsin on Election Day with the online tool, learned that she had just returned from the polls and voted for Barack, and we shared a big 'Hallelujah!' and laughed together.”
—Creighton, California


“My favorite campaign moment was standing in the rain for six hours so my 3-year-old could see, with his own eyes, the President of the United States of America. (He was in the middle of yelling, 'BRAKO BAMA!' in the photo).”
—Alicia, Iowa

"After Barack Obama's last rally in Concord, he shook my hand. In doing so, he noticed the button I was wearing: Jewish Mama for Obama. 'Jewish Mama, I like that!' And then he bent down and kissed my 74-year-old cheek."
—Marcia, New Hampshire

"After a long day of canvassing door-to-door and making phone calls to get out the vote and handing out campaign literature, a couple dozen or so tired volunteers gathered at the Blacksburg campaign headquarters to watch the network television reporting as the election returns came in. After sitting on the edges of our chairs for much of the evening, we were overjoyed and relieved when it became clear that President Obama had been re-elected."
—Joey, Virginia

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