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Family Affair — Meet the Britt Family and Find out Why They’re IN for Obama 2012

We are excited to see all of the Michiganders who are IN for Obama 2012. We get especially happy when it’s a family affair. When President Obama announced his re-election effort, he said “it starts with you”. It’s even better when families are saying “it starts with us”!

Meet the Britt Family

The Metro Detroit team is delighted to welcome the Britt Family to our family of organizers. Mr. and Mrs. Britt visited the office after receiving a call and quickly brought in their entire family to learn about how they could help get President Obama re-elected in 2012.

When asked why they were in, Mr. and Mrs. Britt stated that it was “important for their children to see and understand what President Obama is doing for their future and that he must be able to continue to help this country grow”. Thank you to the Britt Family!

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