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Fall Fellows—what have they been up to?

When we met in Nashville three weeks ago, some were nervous, some weren’t sure what to expect and others were questioning the importance of their work. Our Fall Fellows have been at it for three weeks. As they begin their fourth week of organizing, they’re more confident and busy at work.

At the end of their second week we saw increased conversations in unlikely areas like Hixson and our folks in Memphis are stepping up to our weekly challenge. By the end of week two, Memphis organizers were at the top of the list for engaging supporters. Here are four things we’ve learned from them so far:

Determination. Sometimes you may not see the outcome you would like to see. That’s okay! Keep calling, keep knocking on doors, and keep holding meetings. —Jasmin on the Southeast Team in Hixson, TN
Value. Across Tennessee people are really having a hard time. Every day the stories get more real. We’re fighting on behalf of the people who can’t afford their medicine or care. It’s not about politics. —Sheree on the Shelby Middle Team in Memphis, TN
Connect. Organizing is not a one man job. Work with your fellow organizers to expand your reach and resources. —Molly on the Davidson West Team in Nashville, TN
Passion. Be open and proud about what you are doing–you never know what new team member or volunteer you might attract. —Jean-Marie on the Southeast Team in Chattanooga, TN

A common theme heard amongst the Fall Fellows is the opportunity to do something in Tennessee that has never been done before. No matter the outcome of the elections next November, their work and the work of fellow supporters would have brought communities closer together and more actively aware of the issues at stake.

This campaign is being built by grassroots organizers and supporters like you. Join our Fall Fellows and get started in your neighborhood today.

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