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Fall Fellows Kick off Voting Registration Event in Tempe

This week, Arizona Fall Fellows held their first team voting registration event. The event took place in the home of Lauren Kuby, who is very involved in her community and dedicated to reelecting President Obama. In the 2008 presidential election, Kuby volunteered for President Obama’s campaign in six states. With all the service she has previously provided, it is no wonder she allowed Fall Fellows to hold the voting registration in her home. “Getting people registered to vote is what can make Arizona blue,” Kuby says, showing her passion for voter empowerment.

Fall Fellows are zealous about getting more Arizonans registered to vote. Tempe Fellows Chris G. and Matt S. helped Lauren put the event together. They are fired up and ready to go to turn Arizona blue in 2012. It takes committed neighborhood team leaders like Lauren to make it happen.

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